White Scottish straight cat Animal Photography by Larysa Johnston
Purple grapes A Grape Seed is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Grape skins and seeds possess potent compounds with immense medicinal properties that may be useful in the treatment of type II diabetes.
Small-size picture of a rainbow finch Can Bacon Kill Your Pet Bird?
Indirectly, it can, as well as many nasty bacteria and bugs. Watch for these signs of illness in your pet bird.
Yelloe eye kole tangSurgeonfishes and Tangs
These do well in captivity but require special treatment.

Hooded crowIf you ever get called "bird brain" you should take it as a compliment
New research has overturned the old views: birds are far more intelligent than we ever imagined.
Blue maine coonInternal Parasites of Cats
Domestic cats can be infested by a large range of parasite species. Parasitic infestations may cause very different clinical signs, from mild gastro-intestinal disorders and failure to thrive to anemia.
Pomeranian spitz puppyCanine Pyoderma
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius bacterium has become a threat to canine health worldwide.

Red appleHow bout them apples?
Red apple peel compounds have strong antioxidant activity which greatly inhibit cancer cell growth and protect from cardiovascular disease.
Honey jarNew Treatment for Equine Wounds
New rapid, painless healing of hard-to-heal equine wounds; an alternative solution for treating infected wounds in horses.
Exophiala black yeastDishwashers: Friends or Foes?
Black yeast commonly found at the dishwasher rubber seals may cause deep infection called phaeohyphomycosis.

Gouldian FinchRainbow Finch
These remarkably colorful and beautiful little birds are now widely bred in captivity where they produce color variants.
Glass of Beer with abundant foamTrouble Brewing
Can't control the foam when opening a beer bottle? Bad news: This is not caused by high temperature or shaking.
Bird holding a flower potNatural Biological Compounds for Oral Cancer Treatment
Dietary sources of powerful anti-cancer biological compounds used to prevent and treat oral cancer.

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