Signs of kidney failure in cats typically include increased thirst, frequent urination with large quantities of pale urine, inability to hold urine all night, and occasional periods of low energy, poor appetite and vomiting. But how much water is really too much?

Feline diabetes is influenced both by genetic and environmental factors. Burmese cats are at a higher risk of developing diabetes compared to non-pedigree cats. But there are also multiple other risk factors that have been shown to increase the the likelihood that your cat will have diabetes.

Bacteria Bacteria causing cancer?
Each year, approximately 1.2 million individuals are diagnosed with colon cancer worldwide. As the second leading cancer affecting both men and women, colorectal cancer claims the lives of over 600,000 individuals annually. Toxins from certain species of bacteria have been linked to human colon cancer.

Tritrichomonas foetus, cause of chronic diarrhea in catsChronic diarrhea in cats often occurs as an infection with one or several protozoans. The disease is very difficult to treat.
Recent data indicate that a high-protein diet cannot be considered as beneficial for the prevention of calcium oxalate stones in cats, as previously assumed.

Fear and anxiety in response to a fireworks, thunder and gunshots is a significant behavior concern of dog owners. Hopefully, a new product reducing sound-induced fear and anxiety will soon be available.

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