Amazing Dog Heroes

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    Dogs have done some amazing, sometimes unbelievable, things that have saved human lives. In some situations, humans aren’t nearly as smart as some dogs are. Dogs are not just nice, warm and fuzzy. For many people, they are the only things that keep them going and literally save their lives. For lonely people, dogs are the only family they have. Dogs understand what is going on in people’s lives more than we give them credit for. They ask us for nothing but love, food, and a place to live, but have given so much.


    In one of the most incredible animal stories ever recorded, a faithful poodle named Trixie kept her owner from dying of thirst after he had a paralyzing stroke by soaking a towel in her water pail and draping it over his face! The water-soaked towel enabled the 75-year-old retiree Jack Fyfe to suck enough moisture to keep him alive until relatives found him nine days after he was stricken in his home in Sydney, Australia. He was badly dehydrated when he was admitted to the hospital, but if he hadn’t gotten water over that extended period of time, his relative would not have brought him to the hospital, they would have taken him to the morgue. That dog saved his life. What that dog did goes far beyond instinct. For nine nightmarish days, the faithful dog never abandoned Jack! One animal expert said that Trixie’s life-saving feat proves that some animals do have the ability to do what only humans are believed capable of doing – thinking.


    Blitzen the hero dog save an 8-year-old dog from being mauled to death by a savage cougar, then held the snarling beast at bay for two hours until help arrived. The hungry cat had wandered down from the mountains into West Jordan, Utah, where it spotted little Becky Briggs playing in a neighbor’s backyard. Just before the cougar could attack the child, Blitzen, who had been frolicking nearby, leaped in a fury at the big cat. The 10-year-old Hungarian bird dog chased the cougar under a pickup keeping it trapped under the truck until police and wildlife officials arrived. Blitzen suffered only a few scratches in the encounter, but he would sure fought to the death to save the child.


    Bo, a 9-year-old German Shepherd, was blind for years, but that didn’t stop the dog from saving the Spainhour family of High Point, NC, from a fiery death in 1987. The dog woke up the family mambers at 3 AM. Bo was like a captain refusing to leave the ship until he knew everyone was off. The entire house burned down, but thanks to Bo the family survived. There is no question no one would have come out alive if Bo hadn’t gotten the family up. Bo was blind, but he was all dog. Bo was given a national award for his bravery.


    Betty Souder went to bed in her Los Alamos, NM, home unaware that her heating furnace was leaking carbon monoxide, a gas that’s odorless, colorless and deadly. But fortunately her 9-year-old Weimaraner Willy sensed the danger. Betty was asleep when Willy started to whine and paw at her and refused to stop. She felt very sleepy and told Willy to go to sleep. Finally, Betty got out of bed, thinking that Willy needed to go outside. As soon as she stood, she felt very dizzy. She managed to open the door and let Willy out, but he wanted to go right back in. He was acting strangely and weaving when he walked. Because of Willy’s strange behavior, Betty knew something was wrong, so she tried to call for help. She left the house and immediately felt better. Willy too was back to his old self. He knew enough to wake Betty up from a sleep that could have been her last.


    After so many years, grateful Robert Ragan still gazes lovingly at a framed photograph of Snip, the hero dog who saved his life away back in 1940. He was 2 years old at the time. Snip performed his most heroic feat when Robert fell in the lily pool in the backyard. Snip was too small to pull the boy out, instead, he ran up the steps of the house and started scratching frantically at the back door. When the family nurse opened the door, Snip grabbed her apron in his teeth and tugged at it until she followed him down the stairs. The nurse pulled the boy out of the pool and gave him CPR. This inspiring story netted the brave fox terrier a Dog Hero medal from the Canine Hall of Fame in New York and a nomination for the canine hero of 1940.


    Here is another story of a 6-year-old girl who was trying to learn how to dive in her grandparent’s pool. When she got up the gumption to jump, she must have tucked her head too far in and ended up hitting her head on the side of the concrete pool and was knocked out. Even though her grandfather was nearby, he hadn’t been watching close enough to realize the girl was unconscious. Their huge, sweet, watchful German shepherd Heidi knew what happened and ran full-speed, off their two-story deck and dove into the pool. She grabbed the girl by her bathing suit and swam to the pool stairs. Her parents and grandparents witnessed the rescue and ran to her side. Heidi never left the girl’s side the whole summer.


    Hapless hunter Dale LaShea lay gravely wounded at a remote mountain campsite and seemed destined to die there till his devoted three-legged rottweiler Foggy hobbled 36 miles for help. Dale accidentally knocked his rifle over, and it went off with the bullet hitting him in his stomach. He tried to stop the bleeding but could not and was hurt too bad to drive. The man was miles away from nowhere, with no phone, and was slowly bleeding to death. He scribbled “I’m hurt” on a piece of paper, stuck it under Foggy’s collar and told her “Get help, girl” and she did the rest. She limped for nine hours all the way to Dale’s friend’s cabin where she had been only once before. The friend found Dale barely conscious and rushed him to a hospital. What Foggy did was totally amazing: 36 miles through the brush on three legs!

    Cinder & Reno

    Lorenzo was a fireman who got his rottweiler Cinder as a gift for saving his fellow fireman’s life. Lorenzo and Cinder had been the best of friends. He also adopted another rottweiler Reno. One day, Lorenzo had a heart attack and found himself to remain conscious, not long enough to call his wife or even get to the phone. When he came to, Reno was desperately licking face to revive him. Still, he could not move. Cinder reached up to the kitchen counter, knocked down the cordless phone and brought it over to where Lorenzo was. The dog who has never been taught to fetch a phone, often seen Lorenzo talking into this object. Lorenzo called 911 and was saved by the paramedics who applied emergency care.

    More Stories

    This happened in Nairobi, Kenya. A stray dog saved the life of a newborn baby after finding the abandoned infant in a forest and apparently carrying him across a busy road and through some barbed wire to a shed owned by Mwalimu, where the dog was guarding its puppies. The seven-pound infant was taken to the hospital for treatment and saved.

    People tried to understand dogs since the beginning of time. One never knows what they’ll do. One can read every day where a dog saved the life of a drowning child or lay down his life for his master. Some people call it loyalty, others call it love, the deepest kind of love. It’s a shame that people can’t have that kind of love in their hearts. There would be no wars, slaughter, or murder. That would be a wonderful world.

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