American Bulldog

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    History & Overview

    The stocky, strong-looking American Bulldog was developed as a working dog. The breed originated in 18th century England and immigrated to the American South where they were used for catching livestock and protecting farm property.

    This breed used to be known as the America Pit Bull Dog, but to avoid confusion with the quite distinct American Pit Bull Terrier, it was given its new, official title. In its early days, it was also called by a variety of other names, including the Old Century Bulldog, the Old Country White, the Old Time Bulldog, the Old English Whiter, the Alabama and the Southern Bulldog.


    The strong, muscular, confident, athletic and stubborn American Bulldog is taller, leaner and more athletic than the English Bulldog. Used primarily as working dogs, they surprisingly know how to relax, and they love being part of a family with children. They make excellent guard and watchdogs.

    The American Bulldog has lots of energy that needs an outlet. Because this is a large, stubborn dog requiring a consistent and firm owner who lets the dog know who the boss is, early obedience training is recommended to let the dog know how to fit into its role within the family. American Bulldogs should be exercised daily, especially if they will not be used as working dogs.


    Some cities are considering a legal ban of the American Bulldog and homeowner’s insurance may be difficult to purchase. Although the American Bulldog is not AKC-recognized, other national organizations offer conformation showing for the breed (NKC, UKC).


    Other Names:


    Country of Origin:



    Working Dog


    Medium/Large (20-27 inches at shoulders)


    White with brindle, black and red patches. Black, black-and-tan, black-and-liver, merle, fawn with a black mask are not allowed.

    Litter Size:


    Life Span:

    10 – 15 years

    Grooming Requirements:

    The American Bulldog is not a breed that needs excessive grooming, but his coat should be brushed every few days.


    Heavy. Although the American Bulldog has a short coat, they shed a lot.


    Fierce family protector and guard dog yet a very friendly family companion.

    Social skills:

    American Bulldogs usually get along with other cats and dogs, but early socialization is a very good idea.

    Suitability for Children:

    This breed is respectful and affectionate with children.

    Exercise Needs:

    High. American Bulldogs need brisk, daily walks to vent their high energy.

    Train Ability:

    They need firm, consistent training with positive reinforcement.

    Health & Behavioral Issues:

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