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Essential Oils First Aid Kit for Animals

  1. Animal Scents Ointment to seal and disinfect open wounds.
  2. Exodus II for infection, inflammation; to promote tissue regeneration.
  3. Helichrysum as a topical anesthetic.
  4. Idaho Tansy is one of the most versatile oils for animals. It is purifying, cleansing, tissue-regenerating, anti-inflammatory, and anesthetic, and is used for bruised bones, cuts, wounds, and colic. It repels flies.
  5. Laurel for bruising and soreness.
  6. Lavender for tissue regeneration, desensitizing wound.
  7. Melrose for disinfecting and cleaning wounds.
  8. Mountain savory for reducing inflammation.
  9. Myrrh for infection, inflammation; to promote tissue regeneration.
  10. Ortho Ease to dilute essential oils and act as a pain-reliever and anti-inflammatory.
  11. PanAway: If the pain originates from a broken bone rather than an open wound, use PanAway to kill pain in points where there is no open, raw tissue. NOTE: Do not apply PanAway to open wounds because it will sting and traumatize the animal. Instead use helichrysum and balsam fir to reduce bleeding and pain.
  12. Purification is more effective than using iodine or hydrogen peroxide for washing and cleansing wounds. It repels ticks and mites.
  13. Roman chamomile for tissue regeneration, desensitizing wounds.
  14. Thieves for inflammation, infection and bacteria; for proudflesh (where new tissue continues to rebuild itself causing excessive granulation).
  15. Valerian can be used internally and externally for controlling pain.
  16. Vetiver can be used internally and externally for controlling pain.



Essential Oils For Treating Animals


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