Georgia Rescue Dogs Train To Find Lost And Missing Persons

By Georgia Rescue Dog Association

Founded in 1997, the Georgia Rescue Dog Association (GARDA) provides a need for trained search and rescue dogs in the Metropolitan Atlanta area. GARDA is an organization of specially trained dog handlers who use dogs of various breeds for Search and Rescue operations.

GARDA dogs are specifically trained to detect human remains, and in wilderness and trailing search. GARDA dog handlers and dogs are trained and evaluated over as long as a two year period before certification is obtained. Search and rescue dogs are especially useful in locating lost and missing persons in wilderness areas where visible searching is limited. Special scent dogs are trained to follow a human scent to its source while operating in large wilderness areas oftentimes well away from their handlers. GARDA trained dogs help find victims and human remains in disaster situations such as earthquakes and tornadoes.

GARDA dogs have joined in searches in the Southeast and as far away as Michigan and they have worked with the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The work is often unrewarding and exhausting. Most GARDA dog handlers are very dedicated to their training and work.

GARDA search dogs will only be deployed if requested by your State or Local Police Department. If you should need the services of GARDA, please contact your local law enforcement agency and request that GARDA search dogs be used. To call out directly, you may call 770-843-9841 (Cell Phone).

The Georgia Rescue Dog Association is a volunteer organization and does not charge for their services. Their motto is: "We train ... so that others may live." GARDA has been recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt organization and your tax deductible contributions may be mailed to:

Georgia Rescue Dog Association, Inc. 331 Wiley Court Marietta, GA 30060




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