Alley Cat Allies: Saving Cats Lives With T-N-R

By Alley Cat Allies (ACA)

Alley Cat Allies (ACA), a non-profit group in Washington D.C., is promoting October 16th as National Feral Cat Day (NFCD). NFCD is a special day for advocates of nonlethal cat population control.

For more than a decade Alley Cat Allies has advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) as the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations. Founded in 1990, ACA is part of an international effort working to promote, foster, and develop humane nonlethal control programs for feral and stray cats through sterilization programs that effectively reduce their numbers over a period of time. Alley Cat Allies respects the sanctity of life and the rights of individual animals and embraces proactive preventative control methods, i.e. trap-neuter-return.

In 1990, the great majority of shelters and animal control agencies either ignored feral cats or practiced removal and “euthanasia,” They knew nothing about nonlethal methods to control and reduce feral cat colonies. Alley Cat Allies was created to be a national resource center providing assistance, guidelines, and educational materials on nonlethal feline population control. ACA’s stated Mission is to:

  • Educate and encourage individuals and groups to implement trap-neuter-return (TNR). TNR returns feral cats to their outdoor homes, where caregivers provide on-going care, shelter, food, supervision, and medical treatment, while placing into homes domestic stray cats who join the colony.
  • Serve as an information clearinghouse and resource center by publishing and gathering scientific and educational literature on all aspects of feral cat colony management.
  • Monitor the evolution and progress of new, innovative, nonlethal TNR programs that effectively and humanely control feline populations in order to assist others in implementing successful programs.
  • Work with grassroots advocates, as well as local and state officials, to initiate programs that change or encourage nonlethal control policies concerning the management of outdoor free roaming cats.
Ally Cat Allies has been recognized as a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). All contributions are tax deductible and may be mailed to: 1801 Belmont Rd N.W., Ste 201, Washington, DC 20009-5147. You may also make contributions on the ACA web site at:




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