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    History & Overview

    The Beauceron is a herding dog breed from France, also known as the Berger de Beauce, the Bas Rouge, or the French short-haired shepherd. A very versatile breed, the Beauceron was once used to hunt wild boar.

    He is believed to share heritage with the Briard. In fact, for centuries the long-haired Briard and the short-haired Beauceron were thought to be two varieties of the same herding breed. It served in both World Wars as a messenger dog, a supply transport dog, and in the detection of mines and rescue of the wounded.


    Today, the Beauceron is gaining recognition around the world as a competent guard dog and protector. Highly trainable and always willing to work, Beaucerons are used by the French police and Army in the apprehension of criminals (tracking and bite work), personal protection, narcotics detection, riot control, search and rescue, body recovery, prison security and secured escort.


    One of the most attractive traits of Beauceron is the remarkable stability of his character. If he proved to be a gentle and loving family companion in the four to five years of his life, he will never become aggressive and turn against a member of his family. This muscular and energetic breed is described as intelligent, calm, aloof, and very protective of children.

    At A Glance

    Other Names:

    Berger de Beauce, Beauce Sheep Dog, Bas Rouge (Red-Stocking)

    Country of Origin:



    Sheepdog and Guard Dog


    FCI Classification: Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs); Section 1: Sheepdogs (with working trial.)
    AKC Classification: Miscellaneous Class


    Large (up to 28 inches at shoulders)


    Black with tan markings; Harlequin (blue-mottled with tan markings). A small white spot on the chest is allowed.

    Litter Size:


    Life Span:

    10 – 12 years

    Grooming Requirements:

    His short and smooth coat with a dense undercoat requires minimum grooming. An occasional brushing will enhance its natural, healthy appearance.




    Self-assured, gentle, patient and fearless

    Social skills:

    Usually gets along with other dogs and animals in the household. Highly territorial and will not tolerate strange dogs.

    Suitability for Children:

    Gentle, loving and very protective of children, if raised with them. Puppies grow fast and are very energetic.

    Exercise Needs:

    The Beauceron needs plenty of vigorous exercise. These dogs need lots of attention to keep their minds busy.

    Train Ability:

    Beaucerons are highly trainable and quick to learn. Known for his intense desire to understand and follow commands of his master. Many Beauces are “one-person” dogs and need to be trained to follow commands of other members of the family. Beaucerons have proven their worth in many canine sports, including Schutzhund, French Ring Sport, Agility and Tracking.

    Health & Behavioral Issues:

    Owners of Beaucerons should be looking out for potential diseases such as:

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    Image Credits: Orvis


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