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Saturday, 14 January 2017 12:12:16

Giraffes Facing Silent Disappearance in Africa
The giraffe has been listed as “vulnerable” to extinction for the first time.

Seven Species Of Bees Are Now Endangered Species
Of the 63 original species, nine have not been seen in the last year and are thought to be extinct, while seven are sufficiently threatened that they are now considered endangered.

The lynx Has Been Added to the List of Endangered Species in WA
The WA state Fish and Wildlife Commission classified as endangered the lynx because of continued habitat loss.

Beautiful Photos of Rare Birds
The Great Hornbill is a globally near-threatened resident of hill evergreen and semi-evergreen is a canopy species and a symbol of healthy forest. Emerald doves, giant Ibis, Sarus Crane and other precious birds.

Pangolins Can Go Extinct
A film about Pangolins rescue and release of pangolins that were destined for the illegal wildlife trade.

Rare Malayan Tapir First Born at a Zoo
Tapirs are an interesting species of animal that is native to Asia, specifically the Malayan tapir. These animals are endangered and thus are under the careful eye of nature professionals to make sure that they do not die out before it is too late.

The Hidden Danger to Wildlife Posed by Imported Consumer Goods
Earth has entered a "mass extinction event" in which animals and plants are disappearing up to 1,000 times more quickly than just a few centuries ago, according to scientists.

Eliminate the McKittrick Policy and Let Endangered Species Thrive
Suspects in the killing of some of the nation’s most imperiled animals are escaping prosecution under the federal Endangered Species Act because of a Justice Department policy that some federal wildlife officials call a significant loophole in the law.

Cheetah is Racing Towards Extinction
Their skin and meat is prized by poachers, while cubs are targeted by traffickers to sell as status symbols in the Middle East.

Save Lynx, Wolves, Condors, Other Endangered Animals From Deadly Pesticides Used to Kill Predators
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be sued for failing to protect imperiled mammals and birds from two deadly pesticides used to kill coyotes and other predators.

Feral Cats Kill Australian Precious Wildlife
Feral cats have taken over Australia and threaten to wipe out up to 100 of its most precious animals. Up to 75 million wild creatures are killed by cats every night because they have not evolved to escape the clutches of such stealthy, clinical and devastating predators.

Save the Wolves
Bill allows endangered species to be killed by hunters without any prosecution from the Department of Justice.

IUCN Criteria for Assessing Species are Outdated
The bad news: 210 birds would be reclassified with a higher threat level—“threatened” or worse for the vast majority, the team reports today in Science Advances.

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