Black-spotted Casque-headed Tree Frog (Trachycephalus nigromaculatus)

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    The Black-spotted Casque-headed Treefrog (Trachycephalus nigromaculatus) occurs in coastal areas of southern Brazil, but also in forests where it inhabits tree holes. Males can be found calling inside ponds, at pond margins or branches of trees. The species is a popular pet in many parts of the world because it is quite spectacular, quite large (10 cm) and sits in the open.

    The Black-spotted Casque-headed Treefrog has a very slimy skin and causes a slight burning of the skin when handled.

    The species is listed as Least Concern in view of its wide distribution, tolerance of a degree of habitat modification, presumed large population, and because it is unlikely to be declining to qualify for listing in a more threatened category.

    Video Credits: Александр Гуржий
    Image Credits: Renato Augusto Martins, WikiMedia


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