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Cocker Spaniel Chronic Nasal Discharge and Breathing Problem

Rande writes: Hello Bob, sure hope you can help. My approximately 12 year old female cocker, had some teeth removed about a year and a half ago by the vet, not long after she began to display breathing problems, secreting a clear liquid from her nose, and constantly gasping for breath as she was apparently afraid to breathe through her nose for fear of drowning. It's difficult for her to get any sleep, as she has to wake up every few minutes to gag and snort and swallow...she becomes so exhausted, she will stand up gasping for air, and then collapse on the floor. She eats well, is very alert and otherwise appears to be in good health and spirits. The vet has said that perhaps there was a tumor in her nose and the operation was very hard on an animal her age, (although he was just guessing). Is this a common ailment for cockers, or is there anything you can help me with here, it pains me greatly to see her in so much discomfort. Thank you.

Hi Rande,

Older pets with sneezing/nasal discharge are more likely to have chronic dental disease or tumors.

Your dog might need to have her dental radiographs taken. Among other cases, dental radiographs are used to determine the cause of chronic nasal discharge and for evaluation after dental extraction to confirm all root fragments were removed.

Chronic rhinitis and nasal discharge can be a result of a condition called intrusive luxation (or tooth displacement) which is often associated with trauma that forced a tooth with periodontal disease into the nasal cavity.

Clear watery nasal discharge and mouth breathing can also be a sign of allergies. As much as I would like to, since I am not a veterinarian, I can not diagnose, treat or cure the problem with your Cocker Spaniel.

Best of Luck



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