Brazilian Terrier

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    History & Overview

    The Brazilian Terrier, or Terrier Brasileiro, is a medium-size dog of a gentle and friendly character. Alert and keen, he makes a lively family companion and a good watchdog. The ancestors of the Brazilian Terrier originate from France and England. This is a very healthy breed that fits about every lifestyle and environment. The Terrier Brasileiro was recognised by FCI in 1995 and is very popular in his home country. His short, smooth coat is usually white with black, tan or blue markings.


    In the country of origin customarily docked but it can be naturally short or long; in the latter case, it does not reach below the hock. The docked tail is set, short, docked at the joint between the second and the third caudal vertebra. The natural tail is short, not reaching to hocks, low set, of good strength, carried gaily, not curled over the back.

    The ground color is white with black, with brown or blue markings. The following typical and characteristic markings must always be present: tan markings above the eyes, on both sides of the muzzle and inside and on the edge of ears. These tan markings may extend to other body regions bordering markings. The head must always be black, brown with blue markings in the frontal region and ears; there may be a white blaze and white marks on the frontal groove and lateral parts of the muzzle.

    Males normally stand 14 inches at the withers, while females are about 12 inches tall. The Brazilian Terrier’s ideal weight should not exceed 22 pounds (10 kg).

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