Cynoglossum amabile

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    The Cynoglossum amabile or Chinese forget-me-not, is a 2-foot biennial ornamental plant with intensely blue flowers, almost turquoise in color. The gray-green, hairy, lance-shaped leaves are arranged in clumps.

    Easily raised from seed, these plants may be sown in fall to germinate in spring. These are cool-weather plants which may not bloom in the heat of August, but plants self-sown in summer may bloom in fall in warm climates.2

    Medicinal Properties

    In traditional Chinese medicine, the Cynoglossum amabile is used to treat cough and to stop bleeding of wounds. Five pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been identified, including supinine, amabiline, rinderine, echinatine, and 3′-O-acetylechinatine 4. Many of these alkaloids have pronounced liver toxicity, but the lungs and other organs may be affected as well.1

    • Other names: Chinese hound’s tongue
    • Family: Boraginaceae (borage)
    • Native to: Asia
    Video Credits: Wandering Sole Images
    Image Credits: AnRo0002


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