Dog Diseases

Hereditary, infectious and structural diseases and health disorders of dogs: causes, symptoms and possible treatment. Dog owners should be aware of the fact that puppies are usually born with some immunity which soon wanes, that is why vaccinations are necessary. Some diseases are hereditary and cannot be detected until a dog becomes at least 18 months of age.

The domestic dog (Canis familiaris) has been bred for different purposes and characteristics for thousands of years [1]. The creation of modern dog breeds started around 200 years ago and was based on few founders and breeding strategies such as strong selection for certain traits, popular sires and inbreeding/backcrossing. This has led to enrichment of disease mutations in different breeds.

Dog Symptom Of The Day

Occasionally, a dog's skin becomes itchy and inflamed for no apparent reason, especially when he has no history of allergies or flea-associated dermatitis. Parasitic skin infections are fairly common in dogs, but sometimes quite hard to diagnose.


List of common medical and veterinary terms pertaining to skin disorders.

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Essential Oils For Treating Animals


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