Retinoschisis is a type of retinal degeneration disorder characterized by splitting of the retina due to saclike blisters or cysts. These lesions occur between retinal pigment epithelium and neuroretina (sensory retina). The disorder leads to partial or total vision loss. Retinoschisis may be accompanied by opacities of the lens, which may be easily mistaken for cataracts or glaucoma. The disorder can be detected by ultrasound ocular test. Currently, there are no medical or surgical treatments available for retinoschisis. Gene therapy can prevent retinoschisis and apparently demonstrates that even if disease has begun, there is a healing that takes place.3 Gene therapy has been successfully used to deliver a normal gene into the retinal pigment cells of blind dogs with an inherited retinal degenerative disease. The procedure has enabled the dogs to see. Clinical trials are planned within the next few years. Scientists believe that gene therapy can be used to prevent and cure macular degeneration.4


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