Dogs That Are Good Guard Dogs

The best guard dog is an alert watch dog. A dog who will bark when people enter your house is by far the best defense against unwanted intruders. Owners must also control barking, which will prevent nuisance barking and unnecessary aggressive behavior.  

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Dogs That Are Good Guard Dogs


Breed Size Good Watch-dog Good Guard Dog
Airedale Terrier Medium/Large Yes Yes
Akita Large Yes Yes
American Staffordshire Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Australian Cattle Dog Medium No Yes
Australian Kelpie Medium No Yes
Beauceron Large Yes Yes
Belgian Malinois Large Yes Yes
Belgian Tervuren Large Yes Yes
Bernese Mountain Dog Large Yes Yes
Black Russian Terrier Large Yes Yes
Bouvier des Flandres Large No Yes
Boxer Large Yes Yes
Briard Large Yes Yes
Bull Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Bulldog Medium No Yes
Bullmastiff Large Yes Yes
Cane Corso Large Yes Yes
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Medium Yes Yes
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Large Yes Yes
Chow Chow Medium No Yes
Dalmatian Medium Yes Yes
Doberman Pinscher Large Yes Yes
Dogo Argentino Large No Yes
Dogue de Bordeaux Large Yes Yes
Finnish Spitz Medium Yes Yes
German Shepherd Dog Large Yes Yes
German Shorthaired Pointer Large Yes Yes
German Wirehaired Pointer Large Yes Yes
Giant Schnauzer Large No Yes
Great Dane Giant Yes Yes
Great Pyrenees Large Yes Yes
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Giant Yes Yes
Irish Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Kerry Blue Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Komondor Large Yes Yes
Kuvasz Large Yes Yes
Leonberger Giant Yes Yes
Mastiff Large Yes Yes
Neapolitan Mastiff Giant Yes Yes
Norwegian Elkhound Medium Yes Yes
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Medium Yes Yes
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Small Yes Yes
Polish Lowland Sheepdog Medium No Yes
Portuguese Water Dog Large Yes Yes
Puli Medium Yes Yes
Rhodesian Ridgeback Large Yes Yes
Rottweiler Large Yes Yes
Samoyed Large Yes Yes
Shiba Inu Medium No Yes
Standard Schnauzer Medium Yes Yes
Thai Ridgeback Large Yes Yes
Tibetan Mastiff Giant Yes Yes
Weimaraner Large Yes Yes


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Good Guard Dogs