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Mibolerone is a synthetic androgenic agent. Mibolerone (Cheque® Drops and Cheque® Medicated Dog Food) is approved by FDA for the control of estrus (heat) in adult female dogs not intended primarily for breeding purposes. Mibolerone should not be used in bitches before the first estrous period. 2 This drug has also been used to treat false pregnancy and persistent secretion of milk irrespective of nursing. 1,6

Mibolerone acts by blocking the release of luteinizing hormone from the anterior pituitary gland. Because of the lack of this hormone, follicles will develop to a certain point but will not mature and hence no ovulation development occurs.

Immature female dogs may be more prone to develop adverse effects than more mature females. These may include vaginitis, increased body odor, urinary incontinence, voice deepening, tearing, and riding behavior. 1

Mibolerone is contraindicated for use in cats.

Veterinary Hormones




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