English Shepherd

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    History & Overview

    The English Shepherd, also called farm collie or old farm collie, is a descendant of the old shepherds’ dog of England and is probably related to both the Collie and Border Collie. Despite its name, the breed is considered American in origin.

    Unlike many other purebreds, the English Shepherd has never been bred exclusively for the show ring. These dogs were bred primarily for their working style and capability. Some experts feel that there is a relationship between the Australian Shepherd and the English Shepherd.


    The breed has been used in the United States as a versatile farm dog, able to protect property, guard livestock, and herd all kinds of domestic animals, including sheep, hogs, and even poultry. Being a herding dog, his primary function is gathering, and for this job, the breed contains lines showing intense and ability.


    Some individuals may be very aggressive when working stock, but most are not. They must be trained with a great deal of understanding and a firm but fair approach.2


    His ideal height is between 19 and 22 inches tall. He has brown eyes, dropped ears, level back, long tail and strong legs. The coat is medium length with an undercoat. He can be black and tan; black and white; sable and white, or tricolored.

    The breed is recognized by The United Kennel Club (UKC).

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