Adipic Acid

Adipic acid is a crystalline powder derived from petroleum with practically no odor. It has the lowest acidity of any of the acids commonly used in foods. Its addition to foods imparts a smooth, tart taste. In grape-flavored products it adds supplementary flavor. Adipic acid has found a wide number of uses as a food agent to increase acidity (acidulant) in dry powdered food mixtures. The acid is also used as leavening agent, neutralizing agent, and pH control agent. The FDA has set limitations on its use in different food categories. In Europe, the use of adipic acid and its salts (sodium adipate and potassium adipate) is restricted to fillings and toppings for fine bakery products. Adipic acid is widely used in chemical industry. About 86% of all adipic acid produced goes to make nylon fibers.

Chemical formula of adipic acid


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