Hamiltonstövare (Hamilton Hound)

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    History & Overview

    The Hamilton Hound, known in its native Sweden as Hamiltonstovare, is a scenthound used for hunting hare and fox. It is not a pack hound, and it is never used for hunting deer. Hound breeds have been known in Sweden since the 16th century. The Hamilton hound is believed to be a mixture of scenthounds from Southern Germany, Switzerland as well as Foxhounds and Harriers.

    At the first Dog Show in Sweden in 1886 some 189 scenthounds were on exhibition. Among them were a dog and a bitch, named Pang and Stella, owned by Count Adolf Patrik Hamilton. The breed was named Hamiltonstövare in 1921 to honor to the man who had created the breed, the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club, Count A.P. Hamilton.


    The ideal height is 19.5 – 24 inches at shoulders. The coat is harsh, lying very close to the body. On head, ears and front legs, the coat is very short and smooth. Under tail and on back of thighs the top coat is quite long but not forming a fringe. The upper side of the neck, back, sides of the trunk and upper side of the tail is black.

    The head, ears and legs, as well as the side of neck, trunk and tail, are tan. Tan can range from golden tint to a rich, deep reddish-brown. There is a blaze on the upper part of the muzzle; under- and upper side of neck, breast, the tip of the tail and lower part of legs together with feet are white.

    Video Credits: Maria Lewis
    Image Credits: American Kennel Club


    • FCI-Standard # 132/17.11.1997/GB


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