Himalayan Cat

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    The Himalayan is a medium to large cat with a cobby body, heavy bone structure, firm muscles, and thick, short, powerful neck. The short tail is heavier at the base, tapering to full plume or bush. Short, straight legs have a heavy bone structure. The coat is soft and silky.

    Physically, it retains Persian characteristics: its hair, for example, is spectacularly long and thick as the Persian’s. Yet it has as broad a range of colors as the Siamese. Point markings are barely visible at birth and may take up to 18 months to develop fully.

    All varieties have the Siamese’s sapphire blue eyes. Affectionate, gentle, and intelligent, the Himalayan needs a lot of attention. It becomes devoted to its owner, whom it may follow around the house.

    Colors Recognized by CFA

    Himalayan Point Pattern

    • Blue Point
    • Blue-Cream Point
    • Chocolate Point
    • Chocolate-Tortie Point
    • Cream Point
    • Flame (Red) Point
    • Lilac Point
    • Lilac-Cream Point
    • Seal Point
    • Tortie Point

    Himalayan Lynx Point

    • Blue Lynx Point
    • Blue-Cream Lynx Point
    • Chocolate Lynx Point
    • Chocolate Tortie Lynx Point
    • Cream Lynx Point
    • Flame (Red) Lynx Point
    • Lilac Lynx Point
    • Lilac-cream Lynx Point
    • Seal Lynx Point
    • Tortie Lynx Point
    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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