Hanoverian Horses

The Hanoverian is a Warmblood horse being bred in the region of Lower Saxony in Germany, the capital of which is Hannover, hence the name. The Hanoverian was developed in the 17th century by crossing Spanish, oriental and Neapolitan stallions with local German mares. The Thoroughbred and some other breeds were also used to improve the Hanoverian and produce a horse of great strength and high trainability. The Hanoverian is active, bold and is in great demand in equestrian sports including show jumping and dressage.

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  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Ontario (Canada)

Windswept Farm

A private horse breeding farm devoted to the breeding of Hanoverian sport horses with breeding programs carried on both in Canada and in Germany. Located in Georgetown.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Ontario (Canada)

Westbrook Farms

A small, private breeding facility offering quality imported and domestic horses from top European bloodlines. Striving to produce healthy, athletic, correct and attractive individuals with excellent gaits, rideability and temperament. Located near Campbellville.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Wanganui (New Zealand)

Vollrath Hanoverian Stud

Vollrath Hanoverian Stud - New Zealand breeders of Hanoverian Sport Horses. Breeding is focused on achieving a willing, noble, well proportioned and correct Warmblood Horse. Located in Wanganui.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Oregon (United States)

Vista Ridge Farm

Hanoverian Horse and Warmblood horse breeding farm, young Hanoverian horses for sale out of elite mares from Germany and the USA. Located in Wedderburn.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Maine (United States)

Sundog Farms

A private family farm offering Hanoverian horses, equine art, farrier services and Icelandic sheep. Located in Troy.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   (New Zealand)

Asteck Stud

Quality horses for sale. Well handled, good natured sport horse prospects from weanlings through to competition horses for dressage, showjumping and eventing. Stallions, broodmares and foals including pedigrees and photos. Stallions at stud - Hanoverian "Kinnordy Gym Bello", Holsteiner "Ramirez" and Arabian "Elenbee's R-Rated" - offer breeders world class bloodlines. All enquiries welcome. Located in Christchurch.


  Hanoverian Horse breeders in   Texas (United States)

Blue Fox Farms

Many horses and ponies offered for sale, include some get from our stallions Gulf Coast and Ultimate. Located in Houston.





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