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How Smart Are Animals? - Introduction

If you like learning by listening interactive audio transcripts are especially good. They have a lot of flexibility and they help develop different skills, such as listening just to understand the main idea or listening for detailed information. Just click a phrase to practice a specific fragment. To return to the start point, click "Clear Highlighting" button. There is a limitation: Currently interactive audio transcripts are only available to Google Chrome browser users.

Dog in front of a computerEveryone can benefit from closed captions (subtitles). Please suggest a quality video about animals, biology, or just a great video, for making high quality closed captions for viewers with physical or learning disabilities, attention deficits, or autism and help them have a better experience.

Audio and Video With Interactive Transcripts

Our Audio Text Highlight is a feature that highlights phrases while the text is spoken. As the audio is read, text will highlight in phrases. Control the audio playback by using the audio controls. You can jump to a particular section of text by clicking on a phrase.

If you like this online tool, please make a small contribution so we could continue our efforts to create useful online tools and promote education and better experience for people with learning disabilities.

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