Neurotic Dogs

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    Nervous Energy

    Sometimes, your dog can become nervous and afraid of walking in town. It is not your fault. Don’t sympathize with him. Don’t stop to encourage him. Just carry straight on regardless. If he tries to sit down, jerk him on quickly; that is if he has a thick-linked choke chain.

    People will think you are very cruel, but pay no attention to them. By being firm and not giving in to his fears, you are helping him to get over them. Ask people to touch him if they will; if he shrinks away and attempts to bite, muzzle him and still ask people to touch him. While they do so, you must speak to him in a bold voice saying “Talk,”, “Good boy.” Never let people hold out their hands for him to sniff; this will make a puppy nervous. They should go straight up to him and pat him firmly. An obedience class would help him to mix with other dogs, especially if the trainer will handle him for short spells at a time.

    Best Cure: Tough Love

    You can get the vet to give him sedatives, but as their effect is so temporary, they can be of no permanent use. It is much better to be firm with him and cure him. When a puppy is nervous to gunfire or bangs, get a toy gun and fire it often. He will soon take no notice of it. Some puppies are shy of men and not of women. That can only be cured by asking men to take the puppy out for walks; if he enjoys himself, he will soon get over his nerves. Don’t worry about Toy Poodles shivering; they often do this purely from nerves. As they get braver, it stops.

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