Oriental Shorthair

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    History & Overview

    Ancestors of all Oriental and Foreign breeds, whether Siamese or those resulting from Siamese and Oriental Shorthair (or Russian Blue) interbreeding, came from Thailand, formerly Siam. Known as Oriental Shorthairs in Canada and the United States, they are called simply Oriental or Foreign in other countries, notably in Australia, Britain, New Zealand, and South Africa.


    Lively, curious, and intelligent, the Oriental shorthair doesn’t like to be left alone. It demands attention by draping itself around one’s feet or neck. They are prepared to walk on a leash with their owners and find physical restraint less disturbing than other cat breeds. This makes them especially suitable to travelling and showing. 


    Of all cat breeds, the Oriental Shorthair is the most dog-like in appearance and devotion to its owner. Because of its long, elegant body, it is often referred to as the greyhound of cats. The Oriental Shorthair is a lithe, svelte cat with long tapering lines. Hard and muscular, it has an appearance of health and vitality. Its coat is short, fine-textured, glossy, and lies close to the body. The Oriental Shorthair has the enduring muscle strength of a long-distance runner.

    These cats mature quite early and produce larger-than-average litters. To ensure that this cat retains its slim elegance, it must be fed a diet that is virtually fat-free. All colors are acceptable except the typical Siamese-pointed coat pattern:

    • Parti-color patterns
    • Shaded
    • Smoke
    • Solid
    • Tabby
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