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Are You Ready For a Dog?

What do you think about when you picture your life with a dog? Games of fetch in the backyard, long walks in the country, lazy afternoons snuggled together on the couch? Maybe you want a friend for your children, a guardian for your home, or an athlete to train for and compete in AKC events. Or maybe you just like the idea of sharing your life with a devoted companion animal. A dog can be all those things, and more.  More...

How To Choose The Right Dog or Cat for You and Your Family

When it comes to adding a pet to the family, many people buy a dog or cat on impulse, never thinking that the adorable ball of fluff or sad-faced puppy will need house training, grooming, veterinary care, and daily food, water and attention.

You've decided to add a pet to your family, but the decisions are not over. May be these answers will provide clues to what type of dog or cat would best suit your lifestyle.  More...

Find the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

This dog Breed Selector will calculate the right breed for your lifestyle based on the information that you provide.  More...

Children and Pets - How to Keep Peace While Adding to the Family

Children and pets are a natural combination. Most people have fond memories of growing up with a pet. But just as children and pets can offer each other companionship, they can also feel threatened by the addition of a new family member.

Therefore, before the newcomer — be it baby or pet — arrives, it is best to prepare the family by explaining what will change and what will not (your love), setting rules and limits and monitoring the interaction.  More...

Grooming Your Dog

Regular grooming does more than keep your pet looking its handsome best. It also protects your pet's health. As you groom your pet, become familiar with its distinctive characteristics. By learning what is normal for your pet, you will be able to observe changes in its appearance that may be warning signs of potential health problems. If diagnosed and treated promptly, minor problems can usually be prevented from developing into serious conditions.  More...

Puppy House Training - American Animal Hospital Assn

House training your new puppy can be easy and effective if you dedicate the necessary time and patience. A successful plan includes supervision, confinement, and encouragement.

First step: Teach your puppy where you want it to eliminate, by accompanying it every time it goes outdoors. Choose a specific location with easy access.  More...

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