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What is a Veterinarian?

Veterinarians diagnose and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, prevent the transmission of animal diseases ("zoonoses") to people, and advise owners on proper care of pets and livestock. They ensure a safe food supply by maintaining the health of food animals. Veterinarians are also involved in wildlife preservation and conservation and public health of the human population.

Selecting a veterinarian for your pet is a personal choice, as is selecting your family physician or dentist. And, the criteria you use in choosing a physician or dentist is similar. What is important to you? Location? Convenient hours of service? Friendliness and service commitment of doctors and staff? Fees?  More..

Dr. Stefanie Schwartz - Veterinary Behavior Specialist

If your misbehaving pet's actions are driving you crazy, Dr Stefanie Schwartz, or Dr Cookie, as she is affectionately known, can help resolve your pet's behavior problems and strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Even caring pet owners can overlook the basics of pet care. One essential element is Veterinary Pet Insurance. Veterinary Insurance organizations help you to afford expensive veterinary treatments and surgeries so your pet can have the best care.

From unexpected illnesses and accidents to routine care for your dog or cat, your pet will benefit from comprehensive coverage with different insurance plans.   More...

Pet Care Insurance

Family pets are a part of your life. They are your companions, guardians and best friends. But just like any loved one, they can fall into harm's way. You should be aware of the dangers your pet can come across and the financial strain it will put on your savings. From slipping on ice to swallowing a foreign object, your pet could easily get into an unfortunate situation that will cost you more than thought.   More...


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