Buyer Beware - Seller Scams

We would like to encourage our visitors who are contemplating the purchase of a pet to be extra careful when buying from a stranger. Unfortunately, the pet industry has become a playground for con artists to prey upon innocent and trustworthy individuals.

The Internet can be both an exciting, educational and informative place as well as a place for scam artists who create an aura of legitimacy yet steal you blind. With identity theft and Internet phishing we must be vigilant when conducting business with strangers we meet on the Internet.

The most important rule to follow when doing business on the Internet is never send a money order or cash in the mail to a stranger. NEVER. We have had reports of broken hearted and ripped off pet buyers who sent money orders and received nothing in return. DON'T ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONS TO ENRICH A CROOK! Resist the urge to become an impulsive pet owner, especially during the Holiday season.

It is always best to see the pet in person before you buy to have an idea of the pet's environment and, in the case of a breeder, to see the other litter mates and parents. If you cannot arrange to pick up the pet yourself, ask the seller for personal and work references and call them. If buying from a breeder, ask for references from previous buyers. If a single pet is being sold and shipped to you, ask for the names, addresses and phone numbers of at least two neighbors.

First, enter the phone numbers in Google and match the names you were given by the seller. Then call the neighbors to inquire about the existence of a pet for sale and about the reputation of the seller. If the pet is being sold for a substantial sum of money, forward only half of the selling price before delivery. This will pay for the seller's shipping costs. Then send the other half when the pet is delivered.

Much of our American economy is based on trust and buying a pet is no different. In the boxing ring, the referee's last instructions to the boxers is; "Protect yourselves at all times." When shopping we hear the latin phrase: "caveat emptor", buyers beware. When in the market for a precious one and only family or personal pet, be warned, be suspicious, be smart, be careful, and don't allow yourself to become a victim.