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Top Dog Accessories - Cool Dog Technologies

From The SnackShotz Treat Launcher to Poopsadaisy - see what's cool in the dog accessories world...

Dog Flu (canine H3N8) Is Spreading To Household Pets

Among the hardest hit: Palm Beach County. This spring, the disease sickened so many local greyhounds that the Palm Beach Kennel Club was forced to shrink its racing schedule. By August, an estimated 180 dogs had been treated for flu at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in West Palm Beach. But the deadliest outbreak erupted in July at Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control. The flu unleashed an unprecedented killing season as veterinarians worked to control the outbreak and stop the virus from escaping into the wider pet population.

Is It Good for Your Dog to Run a Couple of Miles on Leash Without Resting?

Running non-stop is not dog's normal behavior and most do it out of obedience or devotion, even though they are sometimes out of breath.

Is the Dog Chew You Give Your Pooch Safe?

A number of pet owners have sued the makers of Greenies, charging that the chew killed their pets.

Canine & Feline Revaccinations Should Be Limited

Far too many dogs and cats in the United States are being revaccinated after showing acute adverse reactions to vaccines. Some breeds of dogs and cats are at greater risk from certain vaccines and medicines.

Ticks Teeming with the Lyme Disease Might Be on Your Best Friend-Be It Feline or Canine

Many cats and dogs exhibit no outward evidence of Lyme disease infection, but the most common signs are recurrent arthritis and lameness that lasts for three to four days, sometimes accompanied by loss of appetite and depression.

Career Spotlight:Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Like most veterinary specialties, veterinary ophthalmology is a growing field. For more information on the veterinary ophthalmology specialty, or to locate an ophthalmologist in your area, visit the Web site of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology at

Favorite Outdoor Ativity: Working With Wolves

Nancy Brown takes care of the 84 wolves at her Full Moon Farm, feeding them, cleaning up after them, and working to rehabilitate and enrich the animals.


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