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    The goal of the Pixiebob breeding program was to create a domestic cat with a visual similarity to the North American bobcat. The most notable characteristics of the Pixiebobs are the deep-set, heavily hooded eyes, well developed fleshy chin and a short tail. These cats may have up to seven digits on one paw, a phenomenon called polydactyly.


    Whether or not Pixiebob cats carry bobcat genes, Pixiebobs are gaining in popularity, impressing their owners with not only their size (not as large as a bobcat, but still quite large) but also their willingness to ride in the car, walk on a leash, even learn to fetch. These big, active cats have a future, whatever their ancestry and whatever cat associations may think of them. The Pixiebob is now registered by the The International Cat Association (TICA).


    The breed comes in two varieties: shorthaired and longhaired. This is a medium to large size cat with a muscular, heavy-boned, substantial body. The Lynx tippings on the ears are more prominent in the longhaired variety. The eyes are gold, brown, or gooseberry green. The color is brown spotted tabby. The weather-resistant coat has small to medium spots muted by ticking.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    Image Credits: Colorado Pixies Cattery


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