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 Dogs for Sale
Purebred dogs and puppies for sale. Find a good family dog, a watch dog or a guard dog.

Cats - browse our directory of cat-related pages including a new list of shorthair cats.

Cats For Sale
Find breeders with cats and kittens for sale. Search by breed and state.

Dogs is our directory of dog-related pages to find information about dog breeds, dogs for sale, dog names and more.

Horses For Sale

Horses for sale. Breeders of all types of horses. Search by breed and state.

Birds For Sale
Birds for sale from established aviaries. Search by breed and state.

Small Pets For Sale

Small pets for sale, including ferret, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster and chinchilla. Search by breed and state.

Horses Directory
Everything about horses: horse breeds, horse care, show supplies, horse diseases and more.

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We frequently update and replenish our information resources. Watch this section for the most recent additions and topics of interest.
Bob's Pet Talk

Answers for your pets and animals questions and problems

Latest Post: A Lump on a Dog's Head

Boxer Health Problems

Information about most common diseases in Boxer dog breed.
Lethal Acrodermatitis (LAD)

Information about Lethal Acrodermatitis (LAD) - inherited disease in Bull Terriers.

Beagle Health Problems

Information on Beagle health problems including cutaneous asthenia, microphthalmia, pulmonic stenosis and other health disorders.

Animal Jobs

Announcing our new "Animal Jobs" service. Now employers in animal industry can submit a free listing for animal job openings.

Animal Jobs Wanted

Announcing our new "Animal Jobs Wanted" service. Now animal job seekers can submit an "Animal Job Wanted" request at no charge.

Horses Directory

Our Horses Directory has lots of information about everything in the equine world from horses for sale to equine art, photography and supplies.

Breeder Showcase

Announcing our new "Breeder Showcase" service. Now breeders have an option to advertise for twelve months at discounted prices.

Advice Needed
Shiba Inu Bad Itching[...]

I think my shiba inu is going crazy. He constantly thinks that there are bugs on him as he bites at his chest,back,feet,etc. I brought him to the vet and they gave me some hypoalergenic shampoo.. I dont think that it is working out...

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German Shepherd Puppy Problems [...]

My German Shepherd puppy has a very bad habit of eating mud and dirt. Can some one suggest me how to get rid of this habit of hers.

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Shiba Inu FAD [...]

Can anyone tell me what to do with FAD - I believe my Shiba has this as he had fleas, we treated him with Advantax ...

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If Cats Could Talk...
Cat declawing Please Don't Hurt Me!  
The Humane Society of the United States considers cat declawing as the worst sort of cosmetic surgery done entirely for the convenience and benefit of the cat's owners. More and more animal shelters report that a large number of declawed cats are surrenderd by their owners because of biting and litter-box problems. Cat declawing should be considered only as a last resort. Provide your cat with safe, attractive alternative to destructive scratching and clip those nails! [...]
Feline Bordetellosis - potentially deadly upper respiratory tract disease in kittens less than 8 weeks of age. Please Protect Me!  
The Bordetella bronchiseptica (Bb) infection may cause severe respiratory signs in young kittens. Studies show that the infection is commonly found in cats from premises with large numbers of animals, such as rescue catteries, animal shelters and breeding catteries, but is almost never found in household cats. If you plan to place your cat with a boarding cattery, consider vaccination prior entering the facility [...]

Burmese kittens - all four colors, sable, blue, platinum, and champagne.  CFA registered, pet,  show and breeder.  Raised in loving home.

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What Is It That ...

... inspires such enthusiasm in Dachshund admirers the world over? This question put to a dozen Dachshund owners will evoke a dozen different answers. Perhaps that provides a clue to the breed's appeal, for, surely, of all dogs it is one of the most versatile and adaptable. One of the answers will mention that the Dachshund is exceptionally clean and one of the easiest dogs to train in house manners. Dachshunds on returning home after a run in muddy weather will spend an hour or more cleaning themselves like a cat. This cleanliness is refelcted in his complete freedom from the body odor, or "doggy smell."

It's Good To Know That ...

... shedding of dead hair is normal for both longhaired and shorthaired cats. Longhaired cats do not shed any more than shorthaired cats; they just have longer hair that is more noticeable on furniture and clothing. Regular grooming of your cat will greatly help to control this problem. A cat's claws should be clipped approximately once a month, and more often, if necessary. Note that cats have five toes on their front feet and four toes on their hind feet. Be careful not to clip past the pink part; this is the blood vein of the claw. Do not use human nail clippers or dog claw clippers to clip your cat's claws; if not used properly they may cause the claws to crack. There are specially made clippers for your cat.

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