Saker Falcon

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    The Saker Flacon (Falco cherrug) is a globally endangered species because its population has undergone a dramatic decline (61%) from 1990 to 2003. In 2010 the total European breeding population was estimated to be 200-220 pairs in Hungary and 35-38 pairs in Slovakia.

    In the last few years, its population started increasing in Austria and Ukraine; its status was Vulnerable in 2010. This large, powerful bird of prey is a flagship species of Altai-Sayan Mountains in Central Asia.

    The Saker preys mainly on small-size birds, and mammals caught on the ground after a low flight. He also stoops on aerial prey like Peregrine. Its usual habitat extends from semi-desert and desert areas to foothills and mountains where he spends long periods perched on rocks.

    Video Credits: Ochrana dravcov na Slovensku
    Image Credits: Marc Haisenko, WikiMedia


    1. Conservation of Saker (Falco cherrug) in the Carpathian Basin (LIFE06 NAT/HU/000096)
    2. Bird Red List Of Slovakia


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