Scottish Fold

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    Scottish Folds come in two types: folded ear and straight (normal) ear. The folded ear is produced by an incomplete dominant gene and is the result of a spontaneous mutation. The foremost characteristic distinguishing the Scottish Fold cat is its small ears which fold forward and downward, giving it an impish look.

    Sweet-tempered and attentive, devoted, but not demanding the “Fold” makes a perfect pet. As the fold is out-crossed with both American and British Shorthair cats, think of it as having a “British sense of decorum along with an American sense of self-confidence,” according to The International Scottish Fold Association.

    Scottish Folds come in any and all colors possible with the exception of those showing evidence of hybridization resulting in the colors chocolate, lavender, the Himalayan pattern, or a combination of these and white.

    The longhaired variety is known as the Highland Fold.

    At A Glance

    Breed Classification:



    • Black
    • Black Smoke
    • Blue
    • Blue Silver Tabby (Pewter Tabby)
    • Blue Silver (Pewter)
    • Blue Smoke
    • Blue-cream
    • Blue-tabby
    • Brown Tabby
    • Calico
    • Cameo Smoke (Red Smoke)
    • Cameo Tabby
    • Chinchilla Silver
    • Classic Tabby Pattern
    • Cream
    • Cream-tabby
    • Dilute Calico
    • Mackerel Tabby Pattern
    • Patched Tabby Pattern
    • Red
    • Red Tabby
    • Shaded Cameo (Red Shaded)
    • Shaded Silver
    • Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla)
    • Silver Tabby
    • Spotted Tabby Pattern
    • Tortoiseshell
    • White

    Average Litter Size:


    Life Span:

    12 – 14 Years


    Quiet, sweet & gentle. Loves being around people and dislikes being home alone.

    Grooming Requirements:

    Weekly brushing

    Social skills:

    Adjusts well to other cats and some dogs.

    Suitability for Children:

    Comfortable in a room full of noisy kids.

    Energy Level:

    Medium. Loves to play, but wants you to participate in their games.


    Quiet voice, not very vocal.



    Cause Allergies:


    Health Issues:

    Joint disease mitigated when folded ear cat bred with straight ear cat.

    Video Credits: Valeriya Moore


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