Ammonium Nitrate Effects on Health

Ammonium nitrate is derived from nitric acid.

Color/Form: White hygroscopic crystals; transparent, hygroscopic, deliquescent crystals or white granules; colorless (pure) to gray or brown (fertilizer grade).

Alternative names: Pesticide Code: 076101, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 076101, HHerco Prills, Merco Prills, Nitram, Nitrate of ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium salt, varioform I, ammonium saltpeter

Major Uses

Ammonium nitrate is used in herbicides and insecticides, as an oxidizer, as a nutrient for antibiotics and yeast, and as a catalyst. Also used in in freezing mixtures, safety explosives, matches; pyrotechnics; in fertilizers.

Uses in Food Industry


Therapeutic Uses

In veterinary medicine ammonium nitrate has been used as an expectorant and urinary acidifyer.

Effects on Human Health

Inhalation is irritating to mucous membranes of respiratory tract, causes severe lung congestion, coughing, and difficult breathing, causes urination and acid urine. Cyanosis among infants who drink well water is a frequently encountered clinical manifestation of nitrate toxicity.