Sodium Aluminum Silicate

Sodium aluminum silicate (sodium salt of aluminosilicic acid, aluminum sodium silicate, aluminum sodium salt of silicic acid, sodium aluminosilicate, sodium aluminum silicate, sodium feldspar) is a tasteless, odorless powder or beads which is insoluble in water, alcohol, and organic solvents; it is partially soluble in strong acids and alkali hydroxides.

Sodium aluminum silicate is used as anticaking agent in foods, desiccants, and detergents; reinforcing filler in rubbers; extender for paints; solvent; white pigment in paper, paints, and plastics; to remove hardness ions from fresh water; abrasive; viscosity control agent in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; in coatings for paper and paperboard.

Sodium aluminum silicate is irritant to eyes and mucous membranes and is considered to be a mutagen.