Free SEO Tools And VB.NET, XML and RegEx Code Snippets

I have been coding and designing websites for quite sometime. I like what I do very much, but there are a few things I wish I did not have to deal with. Like getting stuck with a minor coding problem and having to spend hours trying to find a solution. There is nothing more frustrating in my line of work than wasting precious time only to find out that the solution was as easy as 1-2-3. I would like to thank all those generous souls who posted on countless webmaster forums and helped me out. Thank you so very much. Below is a list of code snippets and SEO tools that I find most useful and that I would like to share with you. Feel free to suggest improvements or report bugs. All tools have been tested using Google Chrome browser only.

Search XML with Jquery and Ajax Call

Create Google-Style Snippets - Vb.NET code that uses regular expressions to create Google-style search results text snippets.

Reading From Multiple XML Files - Extract data from ultiple XML files and read the content using VB.NET

SRT To Text Online Converter - Online SEO tool to convert SRT file to text to extract closed caption info from YouTube video and create a transcript; strip transcript of stopwords; create list of most frequent keywords for search engine optimization.

Online Tool To Count Number of XML Sitemap Entries

Converting Strings To Hyperlinks

Count Words In A String

Display Random Image From XML File

Cross-Browser Text Centering

Extract N Number Of Words From String

Coding Bits and Bites

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