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Submit Sitemap For Broken Link Checking Report

Using sitemaps has many benefits. They make navigation easier and allow better visibility to search engines. Sitemaps also offer the opportunity to inform search engines immediately about any changes on your site. The changes will be indexed faster, compared to when you don't have a sitemap. Sitemaps are an important way of communication with search engines.

The sitemap you create must be well-formed XML and fulfil some specific requirements. Please validate your Google Sitemap before submitting it for Broken Link Checking Report. Google provides this XML validation service. Use this online tool to verify your sitemap.

The next step - the most important thing - would be making sure that none of the URLs returns error code, all URLs should return success code. This Sitemap Broken Link Checker reports dead or problematic link's location in your sitemap ("linkrot") and page URLs that return unhandled error code.




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