American Robin

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    The American Robin (Turdus migratorius) is a member of the thrush family and one of the most neighborly of birds.


    They hunt confidently for earthworms on the lawn and in the garden, regardless of human activities nearby. What they are looking for are the wireworms and crane-fly larvae that you have most certainly brought to the surface while turning the soil. Robins also eat insects and fruits, both wild and cultivated.

    Nesting Behaviour

    A pair will often build their nest (a neat cup of mud and grasses) on a branch of a yard tree or on the ledge of a porch. Sneaking quietly into her newly complete nest at dawn, a female robin lays a single pale blue egg in the mud-and-grass cup, then steals away again. She will return every morning for several days, depositing one egg each time until her clutch of four or five is complete.

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