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    The Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga) is a blackish bird of southern swamps with a very long, slender neck and long tail. Male’s plumage has greenish iridescence; wings silvery gray above. Female’s tawny brown neck and breast contrast with black belly.

    The Anhinga is also known as the “Snakebird” because its body is submerged when swimming so that only its head and long, slender neck are visible above the water. Its long, dagger-shaped, serrated bill is ideally suited for catching fish, which it flips into the air and gulps down headfirst.

    Length: 34 – 36 inches

    Habitat: Freshwater ponds and swamps with thick vegetation.

    Range: Atlantic and Gulf coasts from North Carolina to Texas and in the Mississippi Valley north to Arkansas and Tennessee. South to southern South America.

    Video Credits: Odyssey Earth
    Image Credits: JimDegerstrom


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