Cymric Cat

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    History & Overview

    The Cymric is simply the long-haired version of the Manx. The name is pronounced kim-rick. It is taken from the Celtic word for Wales (Cymru) and was given to the breed because Wales is close to the Isle of Man, just as the Cymric Cat is close to the Manx Cat.

    Some cat societies do not use the breed’s Welsh name, however, preferring to call it simply the Longhair Manx. It is a relative newcomer, first appearing in litters of pedigreed short-haired Manxes in Canada in the 1960s. When the new long-haired cats were bred together, the breed held true.


    The standard Cymric is affectionate, intelligent, happiest when active, and is identical in every aspect to its forebears, except for the coat.


    The fur of the Cymric is long, soft, silky, and double, with a thick undercoat. The ruff and hind legs are thickly furred, and the cat has distinctive tufts of hair on both its cheeks and its ears. All colors are accepted, though some authorities reject color-point patterns.

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