Eastern Kingbird (Pihatyranni)

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    The Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus) belongs to the Flycatcher Family. These birds are the bane of flying insects as they’re so incredibly fast and agile. All of the more than three dozen species in this big family share the same style of feeding: perch, pursuit, perch, pursuit. The Eastern Kingbird perches in an exposed location, for example, the very top of a tree or on a fence.


    The bird is easily told from other similar kingbirds by its white terminal tail band and black and white plumage.

    Vocal Abilities

    Although most flycatchers have unexciting songs, the kingbird’s one is a real attention grabber, with sharp whistles and whoops.

    Distribution & Habitat

    The Eastern Kingbird occurs in most of the United States except the western coastal states and the Southwest. It winters in northern South America. The species can be seen in agricultural areas and by streams.The breeding season begins in early May, peaks from late May to mid-June, and extends into mid-July.

    Video Credits: Dominique Lalonde Films Nature
    Image Credits: Pete Nuij


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