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    What Is Entropion?

    Entropion is a defect of the eyelids characterized by the turning inward (inversion) of the edge of the eyelid. As a result of the inversion, the eyelashes constantly rub and irritate the cornea and eyeball itself, causing excessive tearing and pain.

    Disease Classifications

    Entropion can be conformationalspastic, or cicatricial.

    Susceptible Dog Breeds

    Conformational entropion usually affects both eyes and is believed to be inherited in the:

    In some dogs, this form entropion appears at birth, while in others it shows later in life. For this reason, surgery is always delayed until facial maturity is achieved.

    Spastic entropion is seen in blepharitis, ulcerative keratitis, conjunctivitis, or uveitis.


    A surgical procedure can fully correct this condition. Although treatment of the underlying condition relieves the spasm, surgical correction, as for the conformational entropion, may be necessary.3

    Untreated, it can damage vision severely. Although the majority of cases are due to congenital defect, entropion can be caused by injury or a long-standing eye infection.

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