Hibiscus syriacus

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    Hibiscus syriacus also known as the Rose of Sharon, is often used for hedging in warm climates, and a good highway plant, since it survives pollution, is a much-branched shrub with mallow-like flowers. The shrub blossoms much of the summer. It may be used as a small tree.

    Prune in winter; fertilize in early spring. Cultivars include “Ardens”, double lavender; “Jeanne d’Arc”, double white; “Lucy”, double rose-red; “Paeoniflora”, double pale pink; “Blue Bird”, large single blue; “Diana”, large single white; “Hamabo”, large single white with red.

    Plant Characteristics


    12 ft high, 6 ft wide



    Light Exposure

    Full Sun

    Season of Bloom


    Hardiness Zones

    7 – 10

    Video Credits: Swedish Plantguys
    Image Credits: manfredrichter


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