Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis)

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    The Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) is most common in warm, humid climates and can be found along the coast of mainland Madagascar. It also occurs on many coastal islands. This species does not like deeply shaded forest habitat and prefers areas where the forest borders agricultural habitat.


    Males species reach a total length of 22 inches and the females reach 13 inches. A panther chameleon’s big eyes are covered by cone-shaped eyelids. The upper and lower eyelids are connected, leaving only a small hole to see through. Each eye moves separately, so a panther chameleon can look in two directions at once.


    Technically, this species does not have any breeding season per se if kept under proper care. After mating, the female will lay 20 to 30 eggs one month to 45 days later. The growth is rapid, and babies can be kept together and given more and more space as they grow. They require a diet enriched with vitamins and minerals for proper growth.

    As Pets

    As pets, panthers combine many advantages in one chameleon: They are relatively large, they can be handled without too many precautions, they are generally people friendly, and they are easily available in all kinds of colors, most of which are strikingly beautiful.

    Video Credits: Clint’s Reptiles
    Image Credits: Momonator


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