House Training

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    About two weeks should be given up to this important function. No one, however good they are with their dogs, can house-train a puppy without some mistakes occurring. Therefore, it is best to take any valuable carpet so that if the puppy does puddle, the carpet will not be ruined.

    Getting Into A Routine

    Regularity is of the utmost importance in quick house-training. You have to take the puppy out to its designated spot at least twenty times a day. Always use the same spot; then the scent will give the puppy the right idea. Always use the same encouraging words like “Be quick,” which can later be shortened to “Quickie.” It can be beneficial to have your puppy train to puddle on command. Regularity is essential if you are to teach the puppy to defecate when you wish it to. Most puppies at 6 weeks will want to move their bowels at least 4 times a day. This part of the training is usually easier than the urine side of it. The urine of a female puppy can take the color out in a few minutes; that of a male puppy is not quite so drastic.

    The main thing to remember is that puppies naturally pass urine immediately they wake up, after food, and when cold, frightened, or excited. Therefore, if you want a clean puppy, try to take it out before it wakes in the early morning. Assist this by darkening the room it sleeps in with curtains. It is easy to pop the puppy out after its meal because you should watch him feed anyway, in case it chokes. Keeping the puppy warm in winter is of vital importance, especially at night.


    Never smack a small puppy for making a mistake; it has no control of his functions at all when very young. Show him what he has done (do not rub his nose in it!). Take him near enough to the mistake and say, “Naughty dog,” in a low voice. Scold him by voice alone, and take him out; that is all that need ever be done.

    Crate for House Training

    If you have an indoor crate, after you have played with the puppy, take him out, and then put him back in his crate. If you never allow him to roam the house for the first week and you take him out at least 20 times a day, you will progress very fast. Once the puppy understands what you want, he will try to oblige. If you have a dirty or wetting puppy after 3 months, your training is a at fault.

    Mothers with a young family always at their heels find it extremely difficult to watch a puppy closely enough to get it clean quickly. People at business during the day also have trouble. Always buy a puppy in the summer if possible; then, if you are busy, you can put the puppy in a playpen in the yard. If he does puddle, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is your attitude to his mistakes in the house. You must never be a lazy person who lies abed in the early morning if you want a puppy to be clean. Dash down in your nightclothes, if necessary, if you hear the puppy whining. You will be surprised how quickly a puppy learns to whine when he wants to go out.

    Some puppies never scratch at the door to go out. Highly intelligent ones do so at about 3 months. But if one has a way with dogs, one picks up its ideas by telepathy.

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