Purple-throated Euphonia

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    The Purple-throated Euphonia (Euphonia chlorotica) is a small songbird with a short, thick bill. Males are purplish with a yellow forehead, breast, and belly. Females have a narrow yellow forehead, olive-green upperparts, and blackish wings and tail.

    Distribution & Habitat

    Purple-throated Euphonias are found in South America. They forage in pairs and small groups in the canopy of fruit trees. They are commonly seen in savannas with thickets and high dryland forests.


    Bird vocalizations are often considered presages of natural or supernatural occurrences (ornithological divinations) and are classified according to the predicted events. The beliefs associated with the species Purple-throated Euphonia are associated with the omens (birds whose calls are attributed with the power of predicting disagreeable events). On the other hand, the negative characteristics associated with the Purple-throated Euphonia may function to protect this species which is captured or raised.

    Conservation Status:

    IUCN Red List: Least Concern (LC)

    Video Credits: Fauna and Flora
    Image Credits: Clodomiro Esteves Junior


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