South Russian Ovcharka (South Russian Sheepdog)

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    The South Russian Shepherd Dog, known in his native Russia as Ioujnorousskaia Ovtcharka, is a dog of robust constitution and above-average size. He is fierce and distrustful of strangers, not very demanding and adapts easily to diverse climatic conditions. Historically, the dogs often had to work without human guidance and supervision and make their own decisions, hence their independent and dominant character.


    This breed is not suited for first-time dog owners. Obedience training is not a luxury, but a necessity which must begin very early. When the dog is six months old, it has already formed his opinions of the family hierarchy. Training must be conducted in a firm but friendly manner, otherwise the dog may become aggressive and unmanageable. Although The South Russian Shepherd loves and protects the whole family, he usually bonds with only one person. Early socializing with other pets is a must. They need a lot of space and exercise and are not suited for apartment living.

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