Tyrolean Hound (Tiroler Bracke)

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    History & Overview

    The Tyrolean Hound is a medium-sized versatile scenthound that can hunt on all kinds of terrains and is used both for tracking and hunting. He is a persistent, passionate hunter with a great nose. The Tyrolean can work independently and has remarkable stamina and a good sense of direction.

    The Tyrolean Hound (Tiroler Bracke) is descended, as do all types of Bracke, from the Keltenbracke (Celtic Hound) and represents the purest type of game hounds. Only the red and black and tan color varieties survived over the centuries. The Tyrolean is friendly and even-tempered.


    The breed is robust and healthy, with a strong, muscular body and streamlined shape. The ideal height is 16.5 – 19.5 inches at shoulders. The coat is dense, with a thick double coat. The buttocks well are feathered and the tail well coated with dense brush. Red or black and tan (may also be tricolor). Red variety: Red, deer red or red-fawn, too pale fawn is not desired. Black and Tan variety: Black main coat or saddle with red usually not clearly defined markings on legs, belly and head.

    Video Credits: Oberösterreichische Nachrichten


    • FCI-Standard # 68/18.06.1996/GB


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