York Chocolate

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    The York Chocolate takes the first part of its name from the state of New York where it originated, and the second part from the rich chocolate brown color of its coat. The body proportions are similar to that of the Siamese, but it is bigger. The long coat comes in a variety of chocolate colors and patterns. This new breed was a spontaneous mutation.

    The parents of the first York Chocolate kittens were merely household cats with a trace of Siamese. The sire was a long-haired black cat; the dam was a long-haired black-and-white. The Siamese ancestry common to both parents introduced the chocolate-colored gene that became the defining factor in the breed’s makeup.

    The color of the cat develops slowly, and the kittens are much lighter than adults. The kittens may have a few tabby markings and tippings. Cheerful and lively, agile and healthy, the York Chocolate is also very attentive to its owner’s wishes. It is enthusiastic, playful, energetic, and a very good hunter.

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